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Popcorn Training, a KnowBe4 company

Popcorn Training is a leading security awareness content publisher  – enjoyed by learners for its effectiveness, creativity and high-quality entertainment value that delivers results.



Why story based training works

Story-based learning provides an emotional connection with learners which promotes effective understanding and information retention.


People don’t just think - they also feel

We are more inclined to remember stories, they engage our emotions, trigger our imagination and motivate us into action.


How people remember

We learn best when messages are related to familiar situations. This is why our stories are short and focused on 4 key messages.

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Don't Be Like Rick - Free WiFi

Join your favourite Cyber Heroes: Rick, Jolene and Robbin as they explore how to stay safe while working remotely.

364 - HowTo M1 MFA ENGB TC Video (1)-1

How To Use Multi-Factor Authentication

A crossbow won’t add that extra layer of security to your critical accounts like email and banking, but multi-factor authentication will.


Security Activity Kit for kids

Workbook, poster and video module available to help families teach children how to protect themselves from online dangers.

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Content Spotlight

472 - How To Series Web TC V2

Introducing Tyger Punch Security - the father-daughter duo - Mila and Greg. In this vlog style series, Mila takes us through eight trending cybersecurity topics and explains what they are and “How To” navigate any cybersecurity concerns that may present themselves.

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South African Phishing Templates
We are also expanding KnowBe's 2000+ phishing templates with local is lekker South African phishing templates.
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Find out what percentage of your employees are Phish-prone with our free test.

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We are fun, diverse, professionals scattered across the world (but mostly based in South Africa).

We love educating and creating awareness of cyber threats.

We are information security professionals, developers, marketers, project managers, change & communication managers, techies, geeks, shoe addicts and outdoor enthusiasts.

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